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2021-01The coronavirus (covid-19) legislation involving matters of Private Law in Brazil (translation with commentary)The present work comprises the English translation of Coronavirus Act in Brazil, a piece of legislation passed in Brazil to regulate matters involving Private Law during this time of pandemic (Act n. 14,010 of 2020 - the “Emergency and Temporary Legal Framework for relationships involving Private Law during the period of Covid-19 pandemic”), which established a relevant and transitory set of rules concerning periods of limitations, adverse possession, termination of contracts, adjustment of contract terms by Brazilian courts, as well as rules regarding Family Law, Inheritance Law, Competition Law and changes on the effective date for administrative sanctions established under Brazilian General Data Privacy Act. For convenience of foreign readers, this translation also includes (i) introductory notes on the legislative process involving Bill n. 1,179 of 2020 (later enacted as Act 14,010 of 2020) and (ii) explanatory footnotes on various aspects of Brazilian legislation.Almeida, Luís Felipe Rasmuss de.